Copertina: Carlo Levi. Tutto il miele è finito: la Sardegna, la pittura
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Illustrations from the book

Carlo Levi

The Honey is All Gone. Sardinia and painting

  • Edited by Giorgina Bertolino
  • Testi di Introduzione di Luigi Fassi
    Saggi di
    Francesca Congiu
    Valeria Deplano
    Elisabetta Masala
  • Size 16.5 x 24 cm
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 352
  • Illustrations 154
  • Language Italiano e inglese
  • Year 2022
  • ISBN 9788842225515
  • Price € 22,00
  •   Sold Out

Published on the occasion of the anthological exhibition of the MAN of Nuoro, this volume combines Sardinia and the painting of Carlo Levi, in an iconographic set that includes the vintage photographs of his unpublished Travel Album and 89 works, chosen to recompose the entire arc of his artistic research. The fascinating black and white of Federico Patellani and János Reismann document the photographic campaigns linked to Sardinian writings.

The exhibition that the MAN of Nuoro dedicated to Carlo Levi (1902-1975) on the 120th anniversary of his birth investigates lesser-known aspects of his artistic and intellectual history, in line with a desire for research that the museum has addressed in recent years to the rediscovery of its own territory: the insular world of the Italian Mediterranean. This path took place thanks to the contributions of artists of different origins and nationalities who have dedicated a significant part of their research to Sardinia, along a trajectory that from the recent past reaches the younger generations.
Painter, writer, doctor and traveler, Carlo Levi recounted his encounter with Sardinia in All honey is gone . The book, born from the travels made in May 1952 and December 1962, is a palimpsest of natural, cultural, poetic and political landscapes.
Curator of the volume, Giorgina Bertolino - art historian and author of the general catalog of Felice Casorati and of an important study on Riccardo Gualino - invites you to reread All honey is finished through the voice of Levi and a philological reconstruction of the context, introduced by Luigi Fassi and deepened by monographic essays by Francesca Congiu, Valeria Deplano, Elisabetta Masala. This reinterpretation is accompanied by the audio video project by the artist Vittoria Soddu, created in today's Sardinia.