Copertina: Poter restare fermo.
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Illustrations from the book

Being able to remain still

  • Edited by Antonella Camarda, Giangavino Pazzola
  • Testi di Giuliana Altea,
    Antonella Camarda,
    Gaia Giuliani,
    Nicoletta Leonardi,
    Giangavino Pazzola,
    Franciscu Sedda
  • Size 22 x 28 cm
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 128
  • Illustrations 91
  • Language English and Italian
  • Year 2022
  • ISBN 9788842225478
  • Price € 29,00  € 27,55

I would be a plant / even a weed, / a vine, / bett er would be an olive tree, / maybe a pomegranate. / Being able to remain still / and motionless, / in a court yard of Campidano, in a garden in Baronia, / in a vineyard in Dorgali. / Knowing the history of a house, / knowing the moods of the seasons. / Making giggle / even the wisest of my village.

This poem by Costantino Nivola was the start ing point for Valeria Cherchi, Paolo Ciregia, and Vittorio Mortarotti, among the most significant emerging Italian photographers, to participate in the project, curated by Antonella Camarda and Giangavino Pazzola, winner of the 2020 Strategia Fotografi a call.
In the dynamics between crisis and transformation, stasis has proved to be ineluctable, terribly necessary. Sardinia, with its laterality and its presumed separation, has become a metaphor for a universal condition.
The volume presents the result of the research of the three photographers and includes contributions by scholars from disparate disciplinary fields, who off er different interpretations for the works and the complex times we are experiencing.