Copertina: Guido Strazza. Catalogo generale della grafica
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Illustrations from the book

Guido Strazza

General graphics catalogue

  • Edited by Giuseppe Appella
  • Size 24x33,5 cm
  • Binding Cartonato con sovraccoperta
  • Pages 368
  • Illustrations 1353
  • Year 2020
  • ISBN 9788842225058
  • Price € 90,00
  •   Not available

From the second futurism to spatialism: an Artist in search of the sign

“Truly, there are very few artists who merit the abused title of master. Because art is no longer artisanal work. It is sometimes a factory where creativity is mass produced, an assembly-chain pop product in the manner of Andy Warhol, then, and now in the works of Jeff Koons, but no longer a space for the transmission of techniques and knowledge. Most of all, though, because to teach how to follow the mercurial mirage of art, artists need to continue reining themselves in, learning, doubting, renewing their points of view and approaches, even if the market of shares and taste, and critics who blindly follow trends, do not follow you, attempting to nail you down to the past. Gifts that Guido Strazza cultivated throughout his life and which, at the venerable age of 94, he continues to practice, each day in the studio, a teacher and a pupil in one” Danilo Maestosi