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The worlds of Riccardo Gualino

Collector and entrepreneur

  • A cura di Annamaria Bava, Giorgina Bertolino
  • Dimensioni 21x30,5 cm
  • Rilegatura Brossura
  • Pagine 492
  • Illustrazioni 490
  • Lingua Italiano
  • Anno 2019
  • ISBN 9788842224976
  • Prezzo € 60,00

The Great Gualino Captain of industry, financier and fabulous art collector, Riccardo Gualino was the shining star of Italian history and economy in the 20th century.This volume tells the story of the long, adventurous life (1879-1964) of a man of extraordinary energy, who directed it towards countless passions, activities and initiatives: art collections and industrial undertakings, architecture, theatre, dance, cinema.Sponsored by Turin's Royal Museums and the Bank of Italy, it is the sum of the thorough research of 27 academics, accompanied by a richly illustrated album of the collection and 340 contemporary photographs.