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Armando Testa

Synthesis is marvellous

  • A cura di Gemma De Angelis Testa
  • Contributori Testi di Germano Celant, Vincenzo De Bellis, Marco Testa, Umberto Allemandi
  • Dimensioni 12x19,5 cm
  • Rilegatura Brossura
  • Pagine 112
  • Illustrazioni 60
  • Lingua Italiano
  • Anno 2017
  • ISBN 9788842224372
  • Prezzo € 22,00

The most renowned Italian publicist. In summary: a genius“The world we live in is a world of images that will become even more intense, that the public will play to accept and to relive in different ways. This is the future of man, bombarded by images... it will be a new game, because the images will allow man to connect and exchange fast” (Armando Testa).Thirty years too early and with impressive foresight, the advertising pioneer Armando Testa understood how images were about to play a fundamental role in interpersonal relationships. Now, our daily life is submerged and overwhelmed by the sharing of images, an enormous social network or spider's web, which, as Testa had predicted, would soon become our reigning reality.