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Precious Portraits

Tiny Sculpture masterpieces of Imperial Rome, The Reinaissance Taste and the Antique

  • Autore Dario Del Bufalo
  • Dimensioni 24x33,5 cm
  • Rilegatura Cartonato con sovraccoperta
  • Pagine 400
  • Illustrazioni 650
  • Lingua Inglese e Italiano
  • Anno 2020
  • ISBN 9788842224273
  • Prezzo € 130,00
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The cameo portraits of Imperial RomeIt could perhaps be said that the most elegant and precious sculptural art is that of miniature stone carvings. For its political and dynastic programmes, Imperial Rome required not only colossal images but also realistic sculptures in miniature, cameos, to be used in the Lararia, to affix on imperial crowns and on official sceptres, to decorate private homes, beds or furniture, and so on. With the Carolingian and Ottonian Renaissances, and with that of Emperor Fredrick II, these classical instruments of political propaganda there was were restored. In the Renaissance and baroque periods a new explosion of the fashion for glyptics and cameos. This book attempts for the first time to assemble an international repertoire, with 450 tiny “precious portraits” from public and private collections.