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Hotel du Tambour

Giovanni Tamburelli. A life in focus

  • A cura di Alessandra Ruffino
  • Dimensioni 16,5x24 cm
  • Rilegatura Brossura
  • Pagine 256
  • Illustrazioni 234
  • Lingua Italiano
  • Anno 2016
  • ISBN 9788842223986
  • Prezzo € 30,00

Metallic fish and other animals by a jocular artistIronic, playful, dreamy, and paradoxical, the sculpture, painting, design, and writing creations of this original artist-artisan, a highly skilled manipulator of metal, have an unmistakable mark that has attracted the attention of admirers such as Gillo Dorfles, Francesco de Bartolomeis, Martina Corgnati, Sebastiano Vassalli, and many others. Here, the feast of inventions of a joyous and dreamlike imagination is unveiled by the artist himself, Giovanni Tamburelli, who invites readers to come into his Hotel du Tambour, another journey to another land of wonders.