Copertina: Oltre il silenzio. Marco Ramasso
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Illustrations from the book

Beyond the silence

Marco Ramasso

  • Edited by Elisabetta Tolosano
  • Size 24x28 cm
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 48
  • Illustrations 33
  • Language Italian
  • Year 2014
  • ISBN 9788842223504
  • Price € 20,00
  •   Not available

The amazing view of nature of a hyperrealist painter

Gazing at Marco Ramasso's paintings takes us deeply into contact with nature: we understand it, love it, possess it. His eye investigates animals, landscapes, plants and flowers that he transfers onto the canvas with meticulous sensitivity and love for each and every detail. In his paintings, the analytical aspect, almost hyperrealistic, is joined with an empathic view of the world. His unique and exquisite style is the result of research that is projected from the past into the future with tireless vitality. Proud felines, massive rhinos, small otters, and fragile birds appear as silent beings endowed with intelligence and thought, and above all as creatures worthy of our respect.