Copertina: Sustainable packaging? Packaging sostenibile?. Metodo multicriteria di valutazione del packaging alimentare
Poliedro -Pollenzo Index environmental and economics design
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Sustainable packaging? Packaging sostenibile?

A multicriteria evaluation method for food packaging
Poliedro – Pollenzo index environmental and economics design

  • Edited by Claudia De Giorgi
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  • Year 2013
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Just “how” good and sustainable is a food product?

The interuniversity Poliedro Research – Pollenzo Index Environmental and Economic Design has tried to answer the question using a multicriteria evaluation system to measure the sustainability and quality of a typical food or wine product. We considered the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the product throughout its entire life cycle, as well as the social aspects of the companies involved. Our group from the Politecnico di Torino – DAD Department of Architecture and Design focused on the study of environmental and functional factors as well as the semantic role of packaging, considered one of the “ingredients” of food products. Measuring the quality/quantity of the environmental, functional, communication and “design” performance of packaging shows it to be not only a protective envelope, but also an important tool to convey other intangible values, such as the relationship between content and container, and between the container and the territory. The regionally-based study led to the elaboration of a model (an easy-to-read radar chart) which can be used in other regions in order to give food and wine producers, especially producers of typical foodstuffs, a self-evaluation tool to make informed choices about how to direct and re-direct their production.