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Mario Cresci

Maybe Photography

  • A cura di Luigi Ficacci, Marta Ragozzino
  • Contributori Testi di Goffredo Fofi
    Testi di Marina Miraglia
    Testi di Roberta Valtorta
  • Dimensioni 21x29,5 cm
  • Rilegatura Brossura
  • Pagine 208
  • Illustrazioni 353
  • Lingua Italiano
  • Anno 2012
  • ISBN 9788842220930
  • Prezzo € 45,00

Photography is a continuous creation that generates creation Mario Cresci, one of the greatest masters of Italian photography, has wanted to produce a sort of ex post catalogue of a large series of his thematic exhibitions in Bologna, Rome, and Matera, cities to which he has dedicated specially created works.In his autobiographical project, Cresci has also added photographs of the exhibition layouts that he took himself; hence the book becomes a singular work in itself, unique and autographic, in which the artist gives a continuous account of his own life.