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Ateliers in Via Margutta

Five centuries of international culture in Rome

  • A cura di Valentina Moncada di Paternò
  • Dimensioni 21x30,5 cm
  • Rilegatura Cartonato con sovraccoperta
  • Pagine 368
  • Illustrazioni 260
  • Lingua Italiano
  • Anno 2012
  • ISBN 9788842219460
  • Prezzo € 70,00

The most artistic street in the worldFive centuries of history in which the protagonists are artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, fashion designers, poets, actors, directors, and architects coming from four continents to a single location: Rome, Via Margutta. On this magical street they have created masterpieces, living and working in the ateliers with their large windows.Towards the mid-19th century, Marquis Francesco Patrizi built the largest complex of studios for artists on this site. Valentina Moncada di Paternò, the Marquis's great-great-granddaughter, rediscovered her forefather's archives in the attic. She also consulted private archives and unpublished documents about the artists to gather material for writing the history of this place, known worldwide as the “street of art”.The surprising list of residents includes more than one thousand documented names: Brill, Lorrain, Ribera, the Gentileschis, Simon Vouet, Mancini, Nino Costa, Cabianca, the Benlliures from Spain, Fortuny, Gallegos, musicians Puccini and Mascagni, as well as Le Corbusier, Sartre, Fellini, Truman Capote, Burri, Melotti, Novelli, Twombly, de Kooning, Scarpitta, Picasso, Afro, and more.