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Travels of an art connoisseur in Italy

New and little Grand Tour

  • Author Francis Russell
  • Size 12x16,5 cm
  • Binding Brossura
  • Pages 304
  • Illustrations 79
  • Language Italiano
  • Year 2007
  • ISBN 9788842215004
  • Price € 25,00

A sophisticated connoisseur selects the 52 essential sites to visit in Italy One of the most incomparable intellectual thrills is the privilege of visiting a country like Italy that is so rich in works of art in the company of an extremely sophisticated art expert. This small book is the travel programme of a true connoisseur, and here we can read what we might have heard in his own voice had we had the chance to accompany him on the visit to the places and the works he selected. The choices are very personal, at times unpredictable, sometimes little known. The gift that Francis Russell offers us is to relive today the emotions of the Grand Tour undertaken by aristocratic Northern European travellers in the 18th century.