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The universal cathedrals of human thought

Libraries, the repositories of the written knowledge and thought of mankind, are the human equivalent of the temples dedicated to divinities. They are the marvellous protagonists of this volume, which was the first (first edition: February 2003) of many subsequent books dedicated to the theme and which follows its twin, The Fascination of Museums.
2007, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 160pp., 109ill.
ISBN: 9788842211389
€ 50,00

The Science of Saving Venice

Recupero e salvaguardia della città e della laguna

Science for Venice: the risks to the most beautiful city in the world

Just a century ago, Venice was impacted less than ten times a year by the flooding; since 2000, it has occurred more than sixty times.
Edited by: Caroline Fletcher, Jane Da Mosto
2004, Paperback, 92pp., 121ill.
ISBN: 9788842213093
€ 12,00