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Mind and Beauty

Art, creativity and innovation

Beauty stimulates the desire to createWhen it comes from a work, from a person, or from a situation, beauty has a generative value. In the workplace and in everyday life, everything depends on how much space we leave to our freedom of imagination and innovation in education, work, and life.
Autore: Ugo Morelli
2010, Brossura, 304pp., 21ill.
ISBN: 9788842219040
€ 35,00
The manual of conversation on contemporary art with the deafA genuine dictionary in Sign Language to make the particular lexicon of contemporary art accessible to the world of the hearing-impaired, thanks to the combination of eighty terms and eighty famous works of art that exemplify the signs specially...
A cura di: A cura del Dipartimento Educazione del Castello di Rivoli e dell'Istituto dei Sordi di Torino
2010, Brossura, 208pp., 162ill.
ISBN: 9788842218418
€ 30,00

Travels of an art connoisseur in Italy

New and little Grand Tour

A sophisticated connoisseur selects the 52 essential sites to visit in Italy One of the most incomparable intellectual thrills is the privilege of visiting a country like Italy that is so rich in works of art in the company of an extremely sophisticated art expert. This small book is the travel programme...
Autore: Francis Russell
2007, Brossura, 304pp., 79ill.
ISBN: 9788842215004
€ 25,00


The Love of Books

The book for those who love booksThe English Benedictine bishop, Riccardo de Bury, wrote in 1344 that books are “the true wealth of the world, a divine gift, of which one is never satiated, essential for those who want to know truth, wisdom and faith.” A diplomat, de Bury also met Petrarch...
Autore: Richard de Bury
2007, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 248pp., 101ill.
ISBN: 9788842212430
€ 100,00