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Copertina: Una passione smodata.
Quello che nessuno aveva ancora osato scrivere sul mondo della moda. Imprenditrice visionaria, Giorgina Siviero racconta giorno per giorno la sua vita dedicata alla moda. Dal negozio San Carlo aperto nel 1973 cinquant’anni di una vita straboccante di vitalità, coraggio, spregiudicatezza,intelligenza, gusto e…cultura (virtù rarissima tra i cultori della moda).
Author: Giorgina Siviero
2022, Paperback, 416 pp., 126 ill.
ISBN: 9788842225676
€ 28,00  € 26,60
Copertina: Me la ricordo come una giornata felice. Pagine di vite e di vino

I remember it as a happy day

Pages of life and wine

Life and great wines. The vineyards, the hills "lashed by oxygen, imagination and wind"; the centuries-old cellars, the vaults, the prized bottles. Within the pages of I remember it as a happy day, Roberto Racca has interwoven his own biographical narrative with a collection of unforgettable oenological experiences.
Author: Roberto Racca
2022, Paperback, 224 pp., 10 ill.
ISBN: 9788842225744
€ 30,00  € 28,50
Copertina: Hubert Howard.
Innamorato di Ninfa e difensore delle bellezze d’Italia. Il libro ripercorre la biografia d’eccezione di Hubert Howard (1907-1987), discendente dei duchi di Norfolk. Terzo figlio dell’illustre diplomatico Esme Howard (poi Lord Howard di Penrith) e dell’italiana Isabella Giustiniani...
2022, Paperback, 168 pp.
ISBN: 9788842225591
€ 22,00  € 20,90
Copertina: Pasolini e Matera. Il racconto della mostra

Pasolini and Matera

Il racconto della mostra

Pasolini at Matera, as told by an exhibition

The ancient history and deep roots of this haunting, cliffside town so similar to parts of Palestine, made a deep impression on Pasolini, one of the greatest intellectuals of 20th-century Italy, and his masterpiece changed its image and its destiny.
Edited by: Giuseppe Appella, Marta Ragozzino
2020, Paperback, 352 pp.
ISBN: 9788842224136
€ 35,00  € 33,25
Copertina: La principessa americana.
The extraordinary life of Marguerite Chapin Caetani, patron of art, gardener of Ninfa

In The American Princess, Laurie Dennett tells the fascinating story of an American heiress who, in 1911, married Roffredo Caetani, Seventeenth Duke of Sermoneta
Author: Laurie Dennett
2020, Paperback, 344 pp.
ISBN: 9788842225164
€ 30,00  € 28,50
Copertina: Portrait of King Paintin'. Prezzo di listino € 18,00. Nuovo prezzo dedicato alla promozione «Il piacere di scegliere» € 9,00

Portrait of King Paintin'

Prezzo di listino € 18,00. Nuovo prezzo dedicato alla promozione «Il piacere di scegliere» € 9,00

The Rise and Fall of King Paintin

The astonishing adventures, rise and fall of King Paintin', a visual artist who combines Art with Ethics, at a time when such mix leaves people cold. This all happens behind the scenes of the Italian art system, a microcosm, an aristocratic circle in which one can find all one needs: social status, success, love and money.
Author: Gennaro Castellano
2019, Paperback, 188 pp., 98 ill.
ISBN: 9788842225027
€ 9,00  € 8,55
Copertina: Grazie per la gita in calesse. Memorie di un ebreo ottomano

Thanks for the carriage ride

The poetic memories of an Ottoman Jew

The poetic memories of an Ottoman Jew

This is the sensitive and poetic autobiography of a distinguished and internationally famous antiques dealer, an unforgettable gentleman among those who made a living from art in the last century.
Author: Victor Eskenazi
2018, Paperback, 224 pp., 23 ill.
ISBN: 9788842224464
€ 16,00
Copertina: Armando Testa. La sintesi è meravigliosa

Armando Testa

Synthesis is marvellous

The most renowned Italian publicist. In summary: a genius

“The world we live in is a world of images that will become even more intense, that the public will play to accept and to relive in different ways. This is the future of man, bombarded by images... it will be a new game, because the images will allow man to connect and exchange fast” (Armando Testa).
Edited by: Gemma De Angelis Testa
2017, Paperback, 112 pp., 60 ill.
ISBN: 9788842224372
€ 22,00
Copertina: Vanity Art.
A “noir” about the international antique trade written by a famous gallery owner

A serial killer terrorises the major antique shows from New York to Paris, an intriguing American antique dealer fights the European establishment, powerful enemies threaten her, and an FBI agent protects her and seduces her.
Author: Giacomo Wannenes
2016, Paperback, 272 pp.
ISBN: 9788842224068
€ 15,00  € 14,25
Copertina: Il Cottolengo. La Piccola Casa della Divina Provvidenza

Il Cottolengo

The Little House of Divine Providence

The model of an extraordinary practice of benevolence

This is the history in words and illustrations of one of the world's most extraordinary and renowned humanitarian institutions. For over a century and a half, “the Cottolengo” has assisted hundreds of thousands of people: the sick, the marginalised, the abandoned poor, in short, the “last in line”, the derelicts, the shunned.
Author: Pier Luigi Bassignana, suor Giuliana Galli
2011, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 136 pp., 89 ill.
ISBN: 9788842219286
€ 30,00  € 28,50
Copertina: Singolarissimo giornale. I 150 anni dell'Osservatore Romano

A Truly Unique Newspaper

The 150 years of L'Osservatore Romano

A newspaper that is unique in the world

“A truly unique newspaper”: this is how Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI, defined L'Osservatore Romano in 1961 in an article about the extraordinary difficulty of producing the daily newspaper of the Holy See.
Edited by: Antonio Zanardi Landi, Giovanni Maria Vian
2010, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 288 pp., 88 ill.
ISBN: 9788842220541
€ 24,00  € 22,80
Copertina: Viaggio in Italiadi un conoscitore d'Arte.

Travels of an art connoisseur in Italy

New and little Grand Tour

A sophisticated connoisseur selects the 52 essential sites to visit in Italy

One of the most incomparable intellectual thrills is the privilege of visiting a country like Italy that is so rich in works of art in the company of an extremely sophisticated art expert.
Author: Francis Russell
2007, Paperback, 304 pp., 79 ill.
ISBN: 9788842215004
€ 25,00