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Giorgio de Chirico

Catalogue raisonné

the late romantic work and the first metaphysics

october 1908 | february 1912

volume 1 | part 1

No artist has been catalogued in such detail before

De Chirico's early work can be divided into distinct phases, styles, subjects, iconography and poetic themes, which allows each volume to be effectively a monograph that stands up in its own right.
Edited by: Paolo Baldacci, Gerd Roos
2020, Brossura, 184pp., 228ill.
ISBN: 9788842224808
€ 70,00
A history of the painter of angels
"The dream of all art critics is to read an art book not written by a critic. This book by Pier Rosa De Rocchi, with moral support from Giovanni Battista Fogazzi and Rosanna Sangalli, is one such.
Author: Pier Rosa De Rocchi
Edited by: Giovanni Battista Fogazzi
2020, Brossura, 104pp.
ISBN: 9788842225140
€ 15,00


Complete works

The enchanted realism of an artistGianfilippo Usellini (Milan, 1903 - Arona, 1971) attended the Brera Academy where, from 1960 onwards, he taught composition. Immersed in the climate of the 20th century, he conceived a subtly ironic language blending suggestions from Metaphysical painting with the...
Edited by: Luigi Sansone, Fanny Usellini
2020, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 528pp., 1000ill.
ISBN: 9788842224686
€ 150,00

Gianni Dova

Complete Works

One of the foremost exponents of post-war Milanese artistic tendencies Gianni Dova was born in Rome in January 1925, but when he was sixteen his family moved to Milan, where he attended the Brera Art School starting in 1942. Here he met artists who frequented the literary cafés and who, among...
Author: Enrico Crispolti
2020, Due volumi in cofanetto, 608pp., 2100ill.
ISBN: 9788842223955
€ 200,00

Mario Davico


The artist who was “there and not there” in the post-war history of artMario Davico (1920-2010) was a painter whose worth was recognised by the Italian (Art Club exhibitions, sustained presence at the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadriennale, Awards, etc.) and international world of art...
Edited by: Pino Mantovani
2019, Brossura, 144pp., 160ill.
ISBN: 9788842224914
€ 30,00

The lists of Bagutta

Le Liste di Vellani Marchi e dei pittori baguttiani

Bagutta's treasureSince it opened, in 1924, Trattoria Bagutta has been one of the best-loved spots of Milanese artists; a choice influenced by its downtown position, the simple and reasonably priced fare, and the innate bonhomie of its founder, “sor Pepori”, who looked kindly upon that...
Edited by: Elena Pontiggia
2019, Brossura, 128pp., 85ill.
ISBN: 9788842224938
€ 45,00
The depravity of Nazi sculptureIn its public buildings, the Nazi party wanted to display both sculpture and architecture with imposing grandiosity.The works of the leading sculptors of the Third Reich (from Arno Breker to Georg Kolbe and Josef Thorak, among many others) conferred a physicality, examples...
Author: Klaus Wolbert
2018, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 408pp., 271ill.
ISBN: 9788842224624
€ 150,00

Giorgio de Chirico

Catalogue raisonné Vol. I Tomo 1 1908-1912

No artist has been catalogued in such detail beforeDe Chirico's early work can be divided into distinct phases, styles, subjects, iconography and poetic themes, which allows each volume to be effectively a monograph that stands up in its own right. Volume one, “The late romantic and early metaphysical...
Edited by: Paolo Baldacci, Gerd Roos
2018, Brossura, 184pp., 228ill.
ISBN: 9788842224792
€ 70,00

Giuseppe Santomaso

Complete Works

The most lyrical of the great Italian abstract artistsFrom his debut in Art Informel to the Minimalist period and on to the more lyrical and impalpable reflections of the later years, Santomaso achieved a position of great prominence in the Italian art world. His individual trajectory is intertwined...
Author: Nico Stringa
2017, Due volumi in cofanetto, 664pp., 1427ill.
ISBN: 9788842223528
€ 300,00

Aldo Borgonzoni

Complete Works

An Italian figurative artist of the second half of the 20th centuryAldo Borgonzoni (Medicina, 12 June 1913 - Bologna, 17 February 2004) was one of the most generous and prolific Italian artists of the second half of the 20th century in terms of both visual expression and literary production, in particular...
Edited by: Archivio Centro Studi Aldo Borgonzoni
2017, Cartonato, 320pp., 300ill.
ISBN: 9788842224129
€ 170,00

Umberto Boccioni

Complete Works

Umberto Boccioni's catalogue brought up to date Over thirty years from the publication of the catalogue raisonné by Calvesi and Coen (Electa, 1983), new documentary materials and over one hundred and fifty works brought to light have necessitated an updated compilation of the complete works of Umberto...
Author: Maurizio Calvesi, Alberto Dambruoso
2016, Cartonato in cofanetto, 800pp., 1402ill.
ISBN: 9788842224099
€ 300,00

Pompeo Borra

Catalogue Raisonné

A quintessential painters of early 20th century ItalyThis catalogue presents the complete paintings of the years 1914-1959 by Pompeo Borra (Milan 1898-1973), one of the first generation of 20th-century Italian artists. Ordered chronologically and based on critical study of archival documents and materials,...
Author: Nicoletta Colombo, Elena Pontiggia
2016, Cartonato, 368pp., 901ill.
ISBN: 9788842223702
€ 150,00
Essential for the 20th-century Italian art: the utopia of abstract painting in ItalyFor forty years, abstract painting, both geometric and biomorphic, remained the “inconvenient relative” of modern art in Italy, in continuous competition with figurative art, with both the classicism of...
Edited by: Gian Enzo Sperone, Tania Pistone
2016, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 392pp., 297ill.
ISBN: 9780982848142
€ 100,00

Antonietta Raphaël

Complete Works of Sculpture

A mysterious, fascinating, tough, and uncompromising sculptress

Following Soutine and Chagall, disseminators of the multilingualism typical of Jewish communities before the rise of Nazism, this extraordinary sculptress appeared in Italy...
Author: Giuseppe Appella
2016, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 232pp., 319ill.
ISBN: 9788842223672
€ 90,00
The most famous pamphlet by Jean Clair against contemporary artGalleries teem with diverse objects that have nothing of art except the places that exhibit them and the words of the commentators. The theory of the avant-garde has transferred to the field of art the millenary propositions of the Revolutions.
Author: Jean Clair
2015, Brossura, 128pp., 8ill.
ISBN: 9788842203520
€ 16,00


Paintings and Writings

The complete works of a “20th-century Caravaggio”A very prolific painter in an artistic life that unfolds from the Abstract art of Kupka and Kandinsky to American Action Painting, from Spatialism to lyrical and surreal abstraction, Tancredi (Tancredi Parmeggiani) was the dramatic interpreter...
Author: Maria Dalai Emiliani
1996, Due volumi in cofanetto, 736pp., 1267ill.
ISBN: 9788842205845
€ 300,00