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Copertina: Maria Mulas. Milano, ritratti di fine Novecento

Maria Mulas

Milan, portraits of the late twentieth century

¬ęPortraiture is a separate chapter of photography. There is someone looking at you and looking at him or herself. There is a play of mirrors. And the final image, the one that emerges after discarding all the other shots, is something that aspires to be the best of the subject but also a reflection...
Edited by: Andrea Tomasetig
2022, Paperback, 192pp., 89ill.
ISBN: 9788842225812
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Copertina: Poter restare fermo.
I would be a plant / even a weed, / a vine, / bett er would be an olive tree, / maybe a pomegranate. / Being able to remain still / and motionless, / in a court yard of Campidano, in a garden in Baronia, / in a vineyard in Dorgali. / Knowing the history of a house, / knowing the moods of the seasons. / Making giggle / even the wisest of my village.

Edited by: Antonella Camarda, Giangavino Pazzola
2022, Paperback, 128pp., 91ill.
ISBN: 9788842225478
€ 29,00  € 27,55
Copertina: AMERICA FI(R)ST. L’America di Trump | Trump’s America


L’America di Trump | Trump’s America

A photographic Spoon River Anthology of America today

I think it is the perfect visual illustration of Trump’s America, so well executed that it is almost harrowing. The ability to capture the soul of a nation, in photography, has always fascinated me as an idea. Renata Busettini and Max Ferrero have done it. They went there. They went all the way."
Alan Friedman
Author: Renata Busettini, Max Ferrero
2020, Paperback, 128pp., 96ill.
ISBN: 9788842225263
€ 20,00  € 19,00
Copertina: Fotografia del secolo. La Collezione Bertero

Photography of the century

The Bertero Collection

A century of our history through the photographic masterpieces gathered by a great collector

One of the most important collections of Italian post-war photography in the world. The volume is introduced by a long conversation between the collector and Walter Guadagnini.
Edited by: Walter Guadagnini
2020, , 336pp., 250ill.
ISBN: 9788842225182
€ 60,00
Copertina: Robert Mapplethorpe. L'obiettivo sensibile

Robert Mapplethorpe

The sensitive lens

The classical (but disruptive) aesthetics of a great photographerIn 1883, Prince Tommaso Corsini sold the palace to the Italian State, at the same time donating all the furniture, the library, the art gallery and the collection of prints. The history of the Gallerie Nazionali Barberini Corsini starts...
Edited by: Flaminia Gennari Santori
2019, Paperback, 120pp., 90ill.
ISBN: 9788842225041
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Copertina: La natura in fotografia. Dall'argento ai numeri
Nature photography is an aesthetic and spiritual experience

Love of nature is the reason for infinite explorations and discoveries. Hours of quiet and solitary activity, total immersion into natural environments, the same passion for modern art induces the photographer to create images that are highly graphic, legible abstractions as well as works that are informal, though always identifiable.
Author: Vittorio Pigazzini
2014, Paperback, 180pp., 149ill.
ISBN: 9788842222941
€ 28,00
Copertina: Un mondo di baci. Mario De Biasi

A World of Kisses

Mario De Biasi

This is how we kiss

Mario De Biasi was one of the foremost Italian photojournalists, for thirty years the main photographer of the weekly magazine Epoca, the Italian Life.
Edited by: Daria Jorioz, Raffaella Ferrari
2012, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 96pp., 67ill.
ISBN: 9788842221159
€ 18,00
Copertina: Mario Cresci. Forse fotografia

Mario Cresci

Maybe Photography

Photography is a continuous creation that generates creation

Mario Cresci, one of the greatest masters of Italian photography, has wanted to produce a sort of ex post catalogue of a large series of his thematic exhibitions in Bologna, Rome, and Matera...
Edited by: Luigi Ficacci, Marta Ragozzino
2012, Paperback, 208pp., 353ill.
ISBN: 9788842220930
€ 45,00  € 42,75