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Copertina: Luci d’Artista. Museo a cielo aperto. 25 anni di opere luminose

Luci d’Artista. Open-air museum

25 years of luminous works

This volume is dedicated to Luci d'Artista, the City of Turin's public art project, which was born in 1998 out of the conviction that contemporary art should contribute to the common good and inhabit the city's streets, squares and buildings. Today Luci d'artista is a collection of thirty-six works of light that transform the city into an open-air museum every year at night.
2022, Paperback, 128pp., 130 a coloriill.
ISBN: 9788842225829
€ 30,00  € 28,50
Copertina: Zero armi nucleari. Pedro Reyes.
Il lavoro di Pedro Reyes segue un doppio percorso, affrontando l'arte sia come ricerca estetica che come pratica sociale: due prospettive apparentemente opposte, la prima sviluppata attraverso lo strumento della scultura, la seconda con strategie concettuali e partecipative. Questo libro presenta...
Author: Giuliana Altea, Antonella Camarda, Luca Cheri
2022, Paperback, 96pp., 60ill.
ISBN: 9788842225775
€ 18,00  € 17,10
Copertina: Peter Halley. Antesteria.
Peter Halley è noto per la sua pittura geometrica che allude agli spazi sociali del tardo capitalismo e alla loro dimensione di confinamento, isolamento e reclusione. Le forme della “cella” e del “condotto”, adottate negli anni ottanta e tuttora alla base del suo lavoro,...
Edited by: Giuliana Altea, Antonella Camarda
2022, Paperback, 128pp., 65 a coloriill.
ISBN: 9788842225485
€ 29,00  € 27,55
Copertina: Jean Dubuffet. Piccolo manifesto per gli amatori d’ogni genere. Nuova versione integrale
+ Anticultural Positions

Jean Dubuffet. Piccolo manifesto per gli amatori d’ogni genere

Nuova versione integrale + Anticultural Positions

«Il bisogno d’arte è per l’uomo un bisogno primordiale, tanto e più ancora del pane. Senza pane l’uomo muore di fame, ma senza arte muore di noia»
Edited by: Alessandra Ruffino
2021, Paperback, 192pp.
ISBN: 9788842225461
€ 22,00
Copertina: Capire l'arte contemporanea. La guida più imitata all'arte del nostro tempo

Understanding Contemporary Art

The most imitated guide to the art of our times

The most imitated guide to the art of our times. Updated thirteenth edition
In this famous guide to art from the post-war period to the present, Angela Vettese brings order to half a century of research, creating a clear handbook, the first and most widely appreciated.
Author: Angela Vettese
2021, Paperback, 536pp., 84ill.
ISBN: 9788842225430
€ 35,00  € 33,25
Copertina: Undici cicli di pittura. Eleven cycles of painting

Eleven cycles of painting

Undici cicli di pittura

Cycles of painting reflections of an artist “It seems that among the historic avant-garde movements, and even before them, the various cycles of a work were often developments on each other. A sort of progression exemplified perfectly by Mondrian’s tree. In my case, there is nothing of the...
Author: Giorgio Griffa
2021, Paperback, 112pp., 13ill.
ISBN: 9788842225393
€ 15,00
Copertina: Con l'arte... in Testa.
An indestructible longing for the marvellous
This book is a series of meetings told in the manner of an autobiography but also a critical reading of art. There are numerous revelations about the hidden workings of the art world, about gallery life and about continual discoveries.
Author: Gemma De Angelis
2021, Paperback, 160pp., 60ill.
ISBN: 9788842225324
€ 35,00  € 33,25
Copertina: Carla Panicali. A Beautiful Friend

Carla Panicali

A Beautiful Friend

A family chronicle in two registers against the background of the art of the 20th century. The voice of the female protagonist tells of events in a context dominated by men and astonished by the sudden irruption of an exceptional, uninhibited woman, capable of radical choices both in her personal...
Author: Alberto Rava
2021, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 112pp., 71ill.
ISBN: 9788842225317
€ 50,00  € 47,50
Copertina: Carlo Maria Mariani. Catalogo generale delle opere

Carlo Maria Mariani

Complete works

The contemporary neo-classicist who defied the avantgarde

Carlo Maria Mariani has lived and worked in New York for decades: after a difficult beginning, after initially working on sacred art in the 1960s, he returned to classical themes in the 1970s, to what is “more real than real”, to hyperrealism and then to the final affirmation of a figurative style, drawwing inspiration from classical themes and rules.
Edited by: Emanuela Termine
2021, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 480pp., 686ill.
ISBN: 9788842224600
€ 180,00
Copertina: Bertozzi & Casoni. Opere|Works 1997-2020

Bertozzi & Casoni

Opere | Works 1997-2020

Imagination, innovation and tradition

Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni are artists who have chosen to give form to their imagination with ceramics.
Edited by: Jolanda Silvestrini
2021, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 360pp., 681ill.
ISBN: 9788842224822
€ 80,00
Copertina: Giorgio Chiarini Boddi.
The surrealism of a Milanese artist

It is well known that freedom comes at a high price, even in art, which is a microcosm that only seems to be open, tolerant, and independent. Chiarini Boddi, albeit completely of his time, instead of adapting to stylistic shortcuts, has always conducted a dialogue with new avant-gardes and trends.
Edited by: Franco Fanelli
2020, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 228pp., 88ill.
ISBN: 9788842224945
€ 28,00  € 26,60
Copertina: Guido Strazza. Catalogo generale della grafica

Guido Strazza

General graphics catalogue

From the second futurism to spatialism: an Artist in search of the sign

“Truly, there are very few artists who merit the abused title of master. Because art is no longer artisanal work. It is sometimes a factory where creativity is mass produced, an assembly-chain pop product in the manner of Andy Warhol, then, and now in the works of Jeff Koons, but no longer a space for the transmission of techniques and knowledge.
Edited by: Giuseppe Appella
2020, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 368pp., 1353ill.
ISBN: 9788842225058
€ 90,00
Copertina: Venia. (Dimitrakopoulou)



From the intelligence, the hands and the Greek heart of Venia

Stones turned into faces; iron blades growing into shadows; tissue paper clothes woven with words and red clumps; books folded like accordions; marble spears slicing through the air; shapes, images, colours... Venia Dimitrakopoulou uses these elements to reproduce her inner world...
2019, Cartonato, 64pp.
ISBN: 9788842224839
€ 25,00
Copertina: Portrait of King Paintin'.
The Rise and Fall of King Paintin

The astonishing adventures, rise and fall of King Paintin', a visual artist who combines Art with Ethics, at a time when such mix leaves people cold. This all happens behind the scenes of the Italian art system, a microcosm, an aristocratic circle in which one can find all one needs: social status, success, love and money.
Author: Gennaro Castellano
2019, Paperback, 188pp., 98ill.
ISBN: 9788842225027
€ 18,00  € 17,10
Copertina: Max Pellegrini.
Ascetic and mute dreams in which sound

The artistic research carried out by Max Pellegrini is built around the relationship between lack of sound and creation of the imagination, aided also by his partial deafness.
2019, Paperback, 96pp., 40ill.
ISBN: 9788842224952
€ 20,00  € 19,00
Copertina: Mario Davico. 1920-2010

Mario Davico


The artist who was “there and not there” in the post-war history of art

Mario Davico (1920-2010) was a painter whose worth was recognised by the Italian (Art Club exhibitions, sustained presence at the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadriennale, Awards, etc.) and international world of art (exhibitions in France and other European countries, in the US, Japan, Australia) from the late 1940s to the mid 1960s.
Edited by: Pino Mantovani
2019, Paperback, 144pp., 160ill.
ISBN: 9788842224914
€ 30,00  € 28,50
Copertina: La rinascita di piazza Verdi. Arte + Architettura a La Spezia

The renaissance of piazza Verdi

Art + Architecture in La Spezia

The contested, exemplary collaboration between artist and architect

“If you ask me, the new design of Piazza Verdi in La Spezia is some of the most beautiful urban landscaping I have seen in many years. It's a work where the two parties play their role to perfection, and the play between architect and artist comes together in an extraordinary, alchemic whole”, says Alessandro Mendrini.
Author: Daniel Buren, Gianni Vannetti
2018, Paperback, 176pp., 162ill.
ISBN: 9788842224587
€ 35,00
Copertina: Chiara Dynys.
The contradictions of beauty

Chiara Dynys is an extraordinary artist who uses her exuberant talent to reveal what is hidden behind “beauty” in the standardisation of art, allowing her uncontainable creativity to give each of her works spectacular emphasis.
Edited by: Giorgio Verzotti
2018, Cartonato, 400pp., 190ill.
ISBN: 9788842224488
€ 90,00
Copertina: Bolley. Opere 1950-2018


Opere 1950-2018

The 80-year-old artist who stayed as innocent and wide-eyed as a child

On the one hand, he is a man with a rigorous daily routine revolving around work and reading the Bible, like an ancient hermit; on the other hand, an eternal child, innocent, always ready to follow its imagination into a world full of astonishment and wonder, a “Petit Prince” of painting.
2018, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 256pp., 200ill.
ISBN: 9788842224631
€ 50,00
Copertina: Tornareccio. Il paese dove fioriscono i mosaici


The village where mosaics bloom

Ninety mosaics from a unique open air museum

The 1,900 inhabitants of Tornareccio have come to think of the ninety mosaics that adorn the outer walls of their homes as untouchable “family members”: in addition to boasting the title of Honey Capital of Abruzzo, this attractive town is now known as a museum of contemporary mosaics.
2017, Paperback, 144pp., 126ill.
ISBN: 9788842224457
€ 0,00
Copertina: Stefanoni. Catalogo ragionato delle opere


Catalogue Raisonné

The conceptual exercise of painting

Tino Stefanoni's inventory of his works of art from 1965 to 2016, which he completed himself very scrupulously just before his recent death, is the record of a coherent and rigorous oeuvre that is sure to be highly esteemed.
Edited by: Archivio Stefanoni, Ornella Mignone
2017, Cartonato in cofanetto, 648pp., 3300ill.
ISBN: 9788842224358
€ 200,00
Copertina: Soft Wall. Pablo Echaurren

Soft Wall

Pablo Echaurren

Echaurren's “mural question”

Pablo Echaurren's art was created to speak to the public. He does it without any barriers, experimenting with every possible form of expression; he uses signs, writing, stencil, lettering and words as common language...
Edited by: Francesca Mezzano
2017, Paperback, 152pp., 182ill.
ISBN: 9788842224549
€ 26,00  € 24,70
Copertina: Obla.
The last travelogue of a free-spirited saboteur, an instinctive de-constructor

Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia is a mad genius, an artist who uses words and images to trap facts, feelings, anecdotes and micro-stories within an imaginary porthole. The circular form to which the title alludes is recurring: The O of Obla. O like a porthole, an opening through which the eye gains access to a real and sensitive world.
Author: Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia
2017, Cartonato, 64pp., 50ill.
ISBN: 9788842224518
€ 18,00  € 17,10
Copertina: Mario Surbone. Incisi 1968-1978

Mario Surbone

Engravings 1968-1978

The silent search for the sublime in painting

Mario Surbone belongs to the group of solitary artists who, moving autonomously from the lessons of Fontana and then of the “Azimuth” group, work not only on canvas but with the canvas.
Edited by: Elena Pontiggia
2017, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 160pp., 573ill.
ISBN: 9788842224044
€ 50,00  € 47,50