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Copertina: Bernini. Catalogo delle sculture


Catalogo delle Sculture

A panorama of the most advanced state of studies that have followed one another incessantly in recent decades, of archival acquisitions, of very important discoveries and of new fields of investigation that have led to a profound reinterpretation of Bernini's art.
Author: Maria Grazia Bernardini
2022, Due volumi in cofanetto, 680pp., 523ill.
ISBN: 9788842224969
€ 130,00
Copertina: Aldo Mondino. Catalogo generale

Aldo Mondino

Complete Works

A gifted artist, perennially inventive, whirling like his dervishes

Aldo Mondino (1938-2005) was one of the most brilliant Italian artists of the post-war period. His talent was eclectic, irreverent and imaginative.
Author: Antonio Mondino
2016, Cartonato, 600pp., 1600ill.
ISBN: 9788842224167
€ 300,00
Copertina: La Collezione Cerruti. Catalogo generale
The astonishing, legendary collection of Federico Cerruti

The Cerruti Collection is a prestigious private collection consisting of approximately three hundred sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages to today. It includes ancient books, bindings, icons painted on a gold background, and more than three hundred pieces of furniture and fittings, such as carpets and writing desks by renowned cabinetmakers.
Edited by: Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
2021, Due volumi in cofanetto, 1248pp., 1566ill.
ISBN: 9788842224846
€ 350,00
Copertina: Capire l'arte contemporanea. La guida più imitata all'arte del nostro tempo

Understanding Contemporary Art

The most imitated guide to the art of our times

The most imitated guide to the art of our times. Updated thirteenth edition
In this famous guide to art from the post-war period to the present, Angela Vettese brings order to half a century of research, creating a clear handbook, the first and most widely appreciated.
Author: Angela Vettese
2021, Paperback, 536pp., 84ill.
ISBN: 9788842225430
€ 35,00
Copertina: Peter Halley. ANTESTERIA.
Peter Halley è noto per la sua pittura geometrica che allude agli spazi sociali del tardo capitalismo e alla loro dimensione di confinamento, isolamento e reclusione. Le forme della “cella” e del “condotto”, adottate negli anni ottanta e tuttora alla base del suo lavoro,...
Edited by: Giuliana Altea, Antonella Camarda
2022, Paperback, 128pp., 65 a coloriill.
ISBN: 9788842225485
€ 29,00
Copertina: Poter restare fermo.
I would be a plant / even a weed, / a vine, / bett er would be an olive tree, / maybe a pomegranate. / Being able to remain still / and motionless, / in a court yard of Campidano, in a garden in Baronia, / in a vineyard in Dorgali. / Knowing the history of a house, / knowing the moods of the seasons. / Making giggle / even the wisest of my village.

Edited by: Antonella Camarda, Giangavino Pazzola
2022, Paperback, 128pp., 91ill.
ISBN: 9788842225478
€ 29,00
Copertina: Carlo Levi. Tutto il miele è finito: la Sardegna, la pittura

Carlo Levi

The Honey is All Gone. Sardinia and painting

Published on the occasion of the anthological exhibition of the MAN of Nuoro, this volume combines Sardinia and the painting of Carlo Levi, in an iconographic set that includes the vintage photographs of his unpublished Travel Album and 89 works, chosen to recompose the entire arc of his artistic research. The fascinating black and white of Federico Patellani and János Reismann document the photographic campaigns linked to Sardinian writings.
Edited by: Giorgina Bertolino
2022, Paperback, 352pp., 154ill.
ISBN: 9788842225515
€ 22,00
Copertina: Dino Martens. Glass and Drawings

Dino Martens

Glass and Drawings

It combines the traditional gaiety of Venetian glass with a feeling that is entirely of the twentieth century [...]. It has two of the characteristics that are mentioned in Vitruvius’s formula, it has ‘delight’ and it has ‘flavor’[...]. It could only have been made today; it takes liberties with traditional design that would have been impossible even a generation ago. It is undogmatic and it is amused.
Author: Franco Deboni
2022, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 224pp., 255ill.
ISBN: 9788842225423
€ 80,00
Copertina: Bertozzi & Casoni. Opere|Works 1997-2020

Bertozzi & Casoni

Opere | Works 1997-2020

Imagination, innovation and tradition

Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni are artists who have chosen to give form to their imagination with ceramics.
Edited by: Jolanda Silvestrini
2021, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 360pp., 681ill.
ISBN: 9788842224822
€ 80,00
Copertina: Disegni di Jacopo Pontormo. nelle collezioni dell'Istituto centrale per la grafica

Disegni di Jacopo Pontormo

nelle collezioni dell'Istituto centrale per la grafica

Jacopo Carucci detto Pontormo (1494-1557) fu uno dei massimi artisti del suo tempo. L’Istituto centrale per la grafica di Roma intende riportare all’attenzione il cospicuo nucleo di disegni che possiede per capire in profondità la realtà del mondo artistico alla svolta tra primo Rinascimento e Maniera.
Edited by: Mario Scalini
2021, Paperback, 120pp., 84ill.
ISBN: 9788842225539
€ 30,00
Copertina: Gian Enzo Sperone. Dealer/Collector

Gian Enzo Sperone


The private collection of one of the most important gallery owners of the century

Gonzalez Palacios calls him “the example and prototype of the European who was able, unlike the majority of New Yorkers of the time, to keep an eye on both sides of the Atlantic”: Gian Enzo Sperone has been a leading player in international art from the second half of the 20th century until today.
2019, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 740pp., 600ill.
ISBN: 9788842224648
€ 200,00
Copertina: I mondi di Riccardo Gualino. Collezionista e imprenditore

The worlds of Riccardo Gualino

Collector and entrepreneur

The Great Gualino

Captain of industry, financier and fabulous art collector, Riccardo Gualino was the shining star of Italian history and economy in the 20th century. This volume tells the story of the long, adventurous life (1879-1964) of a man of extraordinary energy, who directed it towards countless passions, activities and initiative.
Edited by: Annamaria Bava, Giorgina Bertolino
2019, Paperback, 492pp., 490ill.
ISBN: 9788842224976
€ 60,00
Copertina: The Collection of theBasil & Elise Goulandris Foundation. Modern Art 1870-1945
The extraordinary collection of one of the most elegant couples of the 20th century

The vision of two collectors who dared to dream has become a place of knowledge, education and awareness of what art means for a people.
Edited by: Marie Koutsomallis Moreau
2019, Cartonato, 560pp., 384ill.
ISBN: 9788842225072
€ 70,00
Copertina: Scultura programmatica nel terzo Reich.
The depravity of Nazi sculpture

In its public buildings, the Nazi party wanted to display both sculpture and architecture with imposing grandiosity.The works of the leading sculptors of the Third Reich...
Author: Klaus Wolbert
2018, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 408pp., 271ill.
ISBN: 9788842224624
€ 60,00
Copertina: The Russian Art of Movement. 1920-1930
The supremacy of dance in the Soviet Union

This beautiful book is the result of research that began in the late 1970s and culminated in the 2011 publication in Moscow of V Natsjale Bilo Telo (In the Beginning was the Body), on the 1920s experiments in movement in the Soviet Union.
Author: Nicoletta Misler
2017, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 448pp., 523ill.
ISBN: 9788842223870
€ 150,00
Copertina: Le Residenze Sabaude.
Fifteen greatest royal estates, palaces, castles, villas and charterhouses

One of the characteristics of the history of the Savoy dynasty is the way in which its members entrusted the task of sustaining and celebrating the role and importance of their line to the royal estates and country houses built around the capital.
Edited by: Costanza Roggero, Mario Turetta, Alberto Vanelli
2018, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 360pp., 280ill.
ISBN: 9788842224778
€ 50,00
Copertina: Olivetti e la cultura nell'impresa responsabile. OLIVETTI E L'ARTE: JEAN-MICHEL FOLON

Olivetti and culture in the responsible business


The focus of second catalogue is the Belgian artist Folon, as a paradigmatic example of the relationships between Olivetti and contemporary artists. Folon illustrated the first desk agenda of 1969 for Olivetti, two coffee-table books in the 1970s and a calendar. He worked extensively for the company...
Edited by: Stefano Sertoli, Costanza Casali
2022, Paperback, 112pp., 254ill.
ISBN: 9788842225553
€ 30,00
Copertina: Olivetti e la cultura nell'impresa responsabile. LA COLLEZIONE OLIVETTI
Adriano Olivetti thought that knowledge, beauty, in a word “grace”, should accompany the days and hours of all the human lives that passed by him and that he met in the factory and the world.
Edited by: Stefano Sertoli, Costanza Casali
2021, Paperback, 112pp., 133ill.
ISBN: 9788842225492
€ 30,00