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Copertina: Storia del Novecento Italiano. Poetica e vicende del movimento di Margherita Sarfatti | 1920-1932

Storia del Novecento Italiano

Poetica e vicende del movimento di Margherita Sarfatti | 1920-1932

In questo saggio, frutto di oltre vent’anni di studi, Elena Pontiggia ricostruisce la storia del Novecento Italiano, uno dei più importanti movimenti di ideali classici del XX secolo.
Author: Elena Pontiggia
2022, Cartonato, 368pp., 290ill.
ISBN: 9788842225331
€ 48,00
Copertina: Bagutta 1927-1967. Le Liste di Vellani Marchi e dei pittori baguttiani

The lists of Bagutta

Le Liste di Vellani Marchi e dei pittori baguttiani

Bagutta's treasure

Since it opened, in 1924, Trattoria Bagutta has been one of the best-loved spots of Milanese artists; a choice influenced by its downtown position, the simple and reasonably priced fare, and the innate bonhomie of its founder, “sor Pepori”, who looked kindly upon that small gathering of penniless, but undoubtedly talented, youths.
Edited by: Elena Pontiggia
2019, Paperback, 128pp., 85ill.
ISBN: 9788842224938
€ 45,00
Copertina: Mario Surbone. Incisi 1968-1978

Mario Surbone

Engravings 1968-1978

The silent search for the sublime in painting

Mario Surbone belongs to the group of solitary artists who, moving autonomously from the lessons of Fontana and then of the “Azimuth” group, work not only on canvas but with the canvas.
Edited by: Elena Pontiggia
2017, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 160pp., 573ill.
ISBN: 9788842224044
€ 50,00
Copertina: Pompeo Borra. Catalogo ragionato

Pompeo Borra

Catalogue Raisonné

A quintessential painters of early 20th century Italy

This catalogue presents the complete paintings of the years 1914-1959 by Pompeo Borra (Milan 1898-1973), one of the first generation of 20th-century Italian artists.
Author: Nicoletta Colombo, Elena Pontiggia
2016, Cartonato, 368pp., 901ill.
ISBN: 9788842223702
€ 150,00
Copertina: Nel segno dell'immagine. Da Sassu a Ortega

Under the Banner of Image

From Sassu to Ortega

A gallery owner's life becomes a museum

Collecting works by contemporary painters and sculptors, Alfredo Paglione has spent an enviable life immersed in the artistic activity of Milan along with his wife Teresita.
Edited by: Alfredo Paglione, Elena Pontiggia
2012, Paperback, 256pp., 255ill.
ISBN: 9788842221197
€ 38,00