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Copertina: Raphael Ware. I colori del Rinascimento

Raphael Ware

The colours of the Renaissance

The golden age of the Majolica of the Duchy of Urbino

Urbino's fame in connection to majolica begins in the 16th century and is particularly linked to the storied production that in Urbino acquired extraordinary importance and space, perhaps also due to the fact that the definitive return of Francesco Maria della Rovere in 1521 was followed by the establishment of a refined court with important affinities.
Edited by: Timothy Wilson, Claudio Paolinelli
2019, Paperback, 288 pp., 150 ill.
ISBN: 9788842225003
€ 60,00  € 57,00
Copertina: L'Italia del Rinascimento. Lo splendore della maiolica

Italy in the Renaissance

The splendour of majolica

Italian majolica. A mirror to the world of the Renaissance

Italian Renaissance majolica is perhaps the one form of art that most completely and with the brightest colours reflects the world in which the women and men of the Renaissance lived.
Edited by: Timothy Wilson, Cristina Maritano
2019, Paperback, 288 pp., 150 ill.
ISBN: 9788842224877
€ 60,00  € 57,00