Alessandra Ruffino

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Copertina: Hotel du Tambour. Giovanni Tamburelli: una vita a fuoco

Hotel du Tambour

Giovanni Tamburelli. A life in focus

Metallic fish and other animals by a jocular artist

Ironic, playful, dreamy, and paradoxical, the sculpture, painting, design, and writing creations of this original artist-artisan, a highly skilled manipulator of metal, have an unmistakable mark that has attracted the attention of admirers such as Gillo Dorfles, Francesco de Bartolomeis, Martina Corgnati, Sebastiano Vassalli, and many others.
Edited by: Alessandra Ruffino
2016, Paperback, 256pp., 234ill.
ISBN: 9788842223986
€ 30,00