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Copertina: The Material side of Design. The Future Material Design Cultures

The Material side of Design

The Future Material Design Cultures

Ten years of research in the world of materials for Design

The culture of materials for design and the new trends in which it plays a leading role today are analysed in an exploratory way, stretching from innovation in the world of materials and new manufacturing technologies to the Third Mission of the University, through which researchers can play a fundamental role in territorial development.
Author: Claudia De Giorgi, Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palù
2020, Paperback, 144 pp., 34 ill.
ISBN: 9788842225256
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Copertina: Sustainable packaging? Packaging sostenibile?. Metodo multicriteria di valutazione del packaging alimentare
Poliedro -Pollenzo Index environmental and economics design

Sustainable packaging? Packaging sostenibile?

A multicriteria evaluation method for food packaging
Poliedro – Pollenzo index environmental and economics design

Just “how” good and sustainable is a food product?

The interuniversity Poliedro Research – Pollenzo Index Environmental and Economic Design has tried to answer the question using a multicriteria evaluation system to measure the sustainability and quality of a typical food or wine product.
Edited by: Claudia De Giorgi
2013, Paperback, 160 pp., 79 ill.
ISBN: 9788842222538
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