Maria Angela Carra Linguerri

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Copertina: Eroica. Eroi Noti e Ignoti. Dal Risorgimento, il Futuro.


Known and Unknown Heroes. From the Risorgimento, the Future

The heroes of Daniele Fissore

Daniele Fissore's "Eroi" pictorial cycle was born in 1985, inspired by the men who made the Unification of Italy. It consists of portraits that interpret and revisit in contemporary mode the sculptural monuments dedicated to the protagonists of the Risorgimento. Fissore decontextualises the sculptures in such a way that they could belong to any city in Italy.
Author: Daniele Fissore
Edited by: Maria Angela Carra Linguerri
2011, Paperback, 104pp., 69ill.
ISBN: 9788842220350
€ 30,00  € 28,50