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Giuseppe Maria Crespi

Drawings and Prints

The rare drawings of a major 18th-century artist brought together for the first timeAs a prominent figure on the Italian art scene of the early 18th century, Giuseppe Maria Crespi left two frescoed vaults in Bologna and a rich oeuvre of paintings now held in a wide range of collections throughout...
Author: Marco Riccòmini
2015, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 292pp., 266ill.
ISBN: 9788842223399
€ 75,00

Donato Creti

Works on paper

Drawings by a master of the Late Baroque in Bologna and ItalyOf the vast body of graphic work by Donato Creti, one of the most talented and successful draughtsmen of 18th-century Europe, and of his drawings (of “such beauty, and perfection”) that were sought after and collected throughout...
Author: Marco Riccòmini
2012, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 344pp., 594ill.
ISBN: 9788842219804
€ 85,00