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Copertina: Palanti. Belle Epoque in teatro 1903-1916


The Belle Epoque on Stage 1903-1916

The ruler of the Scala during the Belle Époque

One hundred years ago, the creator of the grand and beautiful playbills that celebrated Verdi and Wagner was painter, stage designer, costume designer, inventor, architect, city planner, and draughtsman Giuseppe Palanti (1881-1946), who dominated the productions at Teatro alla Scala and imposed fashion in Milan's industrial upper class.
Edited by: Vittoria Crespi Morbio
2013, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 160pp., 194ill.
ISBN: 9788842221975
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Copertina: Femmes Fatales. at the Opera
The irresistible appeal of Femmes Fatales

The “belle dame sans merci” according to Keats, the seductress who drives men insane and leads them to ruin, is one of the archetypes of the modern collective imagination, pervading literature, theatre, figurative arts, and cinema.
Author: Vittoria Crespi Morbio
2009, Cartonato con sovraccoperta, 216pp., 184ill.
ISBN: 9788842218333
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